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Discover, Explorer, Monitor, Debug, Test and Create reports for BACnet IP/EthernetMSTP networks for devices and objects.

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Automatically discovers all the BACnet devices, objects, and their properties on your network. The objects and devices are arranged in an easy to use tree format with branches for each network, object, and device.


The CAS BACnet Explorer allows you to write to the BACnet points, turn lights on or off, generate alarms, ACK alarms, ect.


With the report function you can document the current state of your BACnet network, and use the information in your documentation. Never again ask yourself if a BACnet device is on your network, and what value does it have.


A monitoring table can be set up to check the present value or any other property of a BACnet object, easily with a single glance.

Build with the CAS BACnet Stack.
The CAS BACnet Stack is a library that you can add to your project to add BACnet Client and BACnet Server functionality.

  • BACnet IP, BACnet Ethernet 802.3 and BACnet MS/TP up to 76k.
  • Creates easy to read reports in HTML/XML suitable for documentation.
  • Ability to read/write any property of a BACnet Object.
  • Browses on BACnet IP, BACnet Ethernet 802.3 and BACnet MSTP simultaneously
  • Tested with 100s of 3rd party BACnet devices.
  • Simple enough to be used by a someone without any BACnet protocol knowledge.
  • Supports selection of BACnet network device on PC with more than one network card.


Download the CAS BACnet Explorer

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
  • 10mb of free space.
  • BACnet MSTP requires a RS485 converter

Please read the copyright and disclaimer before downloading this utility

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